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My Mom Hasn’t Liked a Single Dress I Tried On. What Should I Do?


The only thing more exciting about wedding planning than shopping for a wedding graduation dress is the big day itself! Whether you know exactly what wedding dress you want or are eager to try on just about anything, nailing down “The Dress” is a process. But what if you’ve brought your mom along as a trusted advisor, and you just can’t see eye to eye? Our experts have some advice to make the "wedding dress shopping with mom" experience a little easier.

Finding a wedding dress you love is hard enough, and it’s even harder when your entourage isn’t on-board. If Mom isn’t loving anything you’ve tried, begin by figuring out what it is she doesn’t like. Too much cleavage? A shade of white she doesn’t think is flattering your coloring? Not enough bling? Narrow down what she’d love to see you in and, unless it’s something that would make you really uncomfortable, consider being open-minded and trying on a silhouette or stylethat you haven’t tried yet. You might just love it, or your mom might realize it’s not right for you. Be clear about what you do and don’t like about a dress, whether it’s the way the fabric feels against your skin or a body part you’d love to flaunt that you feel is being hidden instead. If you can both explain what you do and don’t like — instead of simply dismissing a style — you might have an easier time finding some common ground. Then recruit your consultant to do some legwork and find a dress that combines details you both love.

Still butting heads, even with a huge range of gowns in the dressing room? Maybe it’s time to call it a day and make an appointment to come back. You could be facing celebrity dresses fatigue, or your mom might not be the shopping partner for you.

If shopping alone isn’t for you, bring along a friend or other relative who has similar taste to yours (but will also be honest with you!). Or you could always go it alone and ask your consultant to help expand your horizons! Can’t bear to make the final decision without Mom? Narrow it down to your top contenders, then have her come back to the salon with you for one final appointment. Hopefully seeing you thrilled about the choices will help her get on-board!