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Ukrainian traditional fashion in all its splendor in celebrity calendar


Festive and wedding outfits from all over Ukraine have been collected for a charity calendar, "Schyri"

Coral necklaces, colorful shawls, and embroidered shirts – charity calendar, "Schyri", depicting celebrities wearing traditional festive Ukrainian outfits, is now available for purchase. 16 Ukrainian celebrities, including Tina Karol and Olga Freimut, were used as models.

Presentation of charity celebrity calendar

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Clothes from Polesie, Hutsul, Trans-Carpathian regions and others are revealed in the calendar. All gowns are authentic traditional Ukrainian outfits of 19th and early 20th centuries. They are valuable historical artifacts and are treated as pieces of art.

The clothes are all hand-made – women sewed all the embroidery themselves. It was titanic work for an ordinary Ukrainian woman - 8 kilometers of threads were used to produce just one shirt.

The opening ceremony of the calendar took place in Kyiv at the mall "Domosfera" on December 9. Ukrainian celebrities, Anna Zavalska and Solomiya Vitvitska, attended the event. The organizers, with the help of Anna Zavalska, hosted a master-class on how to fold traditional Ukrainian shawl.

Marichka Kvitka, the stylist of the project, said that shawls occupy a significant place in the national culture. According to Ukrainian tradition, all married women had to cover their heads and they could show their hair only to their spouses.

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Another distinctive feature of the charity calendar is the inclusion of opulent coral necklaces. These decorations mean a lot for Ukrainian culture, as they, traditionally, were considered a symbol of wealth: the more coral necklaces a Ukrainian girl wore, the more affluent she was.

Clothes and accessories for the calendar have been borrowed from Ukrainian museums. The organizers had to travel more than 3,000 kilometers to get the outfits. To attain historical veracity of the images, Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History has been advising the organizers.

All the funds, which will be received from the sales of the calendar, are going to be handed to two ethnographical museums of Ukraine – the Museum of National Art in Kosiv and Novoaidarskiy Local History Museum. The creators of the calendar say that Ukrainian traditional clothes of 19th and early 20th centuries are not stored in a proper way, and the funds could help preserve valuable costumes.

The first calendar, "Schyri", was launched in 2014. It was extremely successful – all of the calendars have been purchased in 48 hours in 12 countries.

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