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Nigerian Female Celebs


With the increasing number of male celebrities who have their brands in Nigeria, it would seem that the female celebs also have no plans of being left out as they too make their mark through their own brands. A lot of people mistake a celeb being a Brand Ambassador as owning the brand.

It is interesting to note that they are two different things. Brands which are usually used to distinguish an organization or product in the eyes of customers, are used in Business, Marketing and Advertising Industry.

They aim at creating a lasting impression in the mind of the consumers.

It would seem that endorsing a brand and owning your own brand label are as different as night and day. What makes a brand unique and how do celebrities make their brands stand out?

Endorsing a brand

A brand should be able to sell itself because it is good and not just because it is owned by a celeb. A celeb having personal issues, should in no way affect a brand if it is good enough to stand on its own. There should be workable ways to make a brand stand on its own regardless of how rich or how famous the brand owner is.

A well known celebrity might bring buyers to the table but it is the ingenuity of the product that will keep people coming back for more. Women's Own looks at some Female Celebrities and the brands they own.


It is not only Nollywood celebrities that are owning their brands as Nigerian On Air Personality, Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi, decided to do something different when she launched her shoe brand called "Gbemisoke" in May 2015, which she made exclusively for women who have extra large feet and have difficulty getting their shoe sizes from the open market.

Omoni Oboli by AVE

June 4, 2017 saw Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Omoni Oboli, launching her clothing line called 'Omoni Oboli by AVE'. The clothing line was launched in conjunction with one of Nigeria's finest designers, Ayo Van Elmer.

St Genevieve

Another Nigerian celebrity who was bold enough to own her own brand is Genevieve Nnaji who interestingly enough launched her revamped St Genevieve in 2014. The collection, titled 'Philomena' Genevieve revealed was named after her grandma whom she described as a strong woman filled with love.


It would seem that even the 2001 Ex-Miss World, Agbani Darego has not been left out of owning her own brand. Interestingly enough, not only is AD by Agbani Darego a denim/ clothing line, Agbani expanded AD retail Brand into accessories and clothing Brand which showcased sandals, handbags, sunglasses, etc. Agbani also took her brand a step further when she launched her design label's e-commerce website.

Kates Pants

Another Nigerian celebrity who has not been left out is Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw who has her clothing line called Kates Pants. She launched Kates Pants in December 2016. Speaking to Woman's Own, Oluwasayo Olugbogi, a plus size fashion designer and CEO of Candy Shay's Closet states, "Personally, I think we copy foreign made products because we know these products are classy but expensive. So, certain producers see the need to make copies to enable Nigerians access to cheaper versions of the expensive originals.

Celebs fashion brand

Olugbogi retorts,"everybody has their own style. I don't judge anybody's style. One man's food is another man's poison. There are so many different people in this world, different tribes, and different cultures. You'll be surprised that what you term crazy is a good impression to another. I'll say each person should pick what they think is right from whoever they think is doing right."

Promoting Nigerian Brands

"There are Nigerian brands that use high quality materials for their products. And trust me most of the fake and substandard products in Nigeria are produced in a bid to copy foreign made products," says Olugbogi.

Getting into fashion

She concluded by saying "I never thought I'll learn how to make clothes myself. My initial plan was to style people, have tailors that will make my designs. But I realized that the tailors weren't getting me; they couldn't bring out what I had designed in my head.

So, my mum encouraged me to learn how to make clothes myself. Fashion is very broad. Every fashion designer has a niche they're carving for themselves."

Also speaking to WO, Annabel Osuoha, a fashionista, revealed that she has no issues buying brands of clothes owned by celebrities. " I am naturally not someone who is into fashion but that does not mean if I see a cloth I happen to like and it is well sewn I should not get it. If I see someone who has a fashion line, very creative and has beautiful clothes, I will be sure to buy it not minding whether it is expensive or not. Determining whether a Brand will sell if it is owned by a celebrity might actually depend on the celeb in question. Besides no matter how famous the celeb might be, if the quality of his/her brand is not good enough, then nobody will patronize him/her.

Buttressing Annabel Osuoha's point, another fashionista Paulina Wilson was of the opinion that most celebrities usually come very expensive especially in their lifestyles and businesses.

For someone like me who is still trying to get my feet under me, I would find my way to the market where I can price as I want. I am one person who encourages made in Nigeria a lot. So seeing Nigerian Brands especially when they are owned by females is encouraging.

But the thing there is that buying a made in Nigeria from a celebrity might be too expensive as opposed to when you buy from other brand owners who know the pocket of the masses; but not withstanding, if I see what I like from them and can afford it, I will buy it.

Celebs and Trends

Wilson further says, "Celebrities who have fashion lines in Nigeria are bound to want to make things that are trendy and you see, everybody wants to flow with the trend. Therefore what is coming from a celeb is known to be trendy and classy. T

ake for instance, I organize a show and just a few people turn up but should AY or I go die do the same, I can guarantee you there will be no road to pass. It is the same thing with a Brand, especially when that celebrity has won the trust of people by providing quality goods and services".

Mubo Alade also reacted and said "I really won't go out of my way to shop for a brand of clothing, no matter how beautiful it might look because at the end of the day, ladies care more about what fits them than brands. It is usually the men who are more focused on brands. So I am usually not crazy about a celebrity's brand except whether it fits and looks good on me. Besides Celebrity Brands tend to be more expensive than Brands in the open market which places their brands beyond the reach of the common Nigerian.Read more at:long prom dresses | evening gowns